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music is life

Jennifer "Motley" Rhodes
25 March 1985
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An unremarkable young adult just barely making it safely through life. A dreamer with her feet firmly planted on nothing. Self-proclaimed artist and author, published only on the 'net. Has an affinity for animals, and is the owner of a very rare and very protective Big-Evil puppy, who will, without order, viciously attack anyone who dares come too close without his admission. Founder, manager and accountant for the Save the Dragons fund. Aimless wanderer. Had been bitten by a zombie and contracted the T-Virus, though it has since failed under the amazing powers of the Anti-Fun Gal and Anti-Bio Tick. Furry, though not a fanatic. Enjoys anime, but is not an otaku. Geek, nerd, tabletopper. Poisoner by pleasure, nightwalker by nature. Falls in love with something new every day. Sarcastic, spiritual, down-to-earth, friendly.

Proud to be a Furry
Furry is Life
Furry is Life

The dragon mood icon set is from the web comic Catharsis.